Bungalows @ Monkey Republic | Sihanoukville

The bungalows at Monkey Republic are what every backpacker on a budget is looking for. Clean, Cheap accommodation close to the action…

Centered around a leafy tropical garden, it’s a little oasis away from the heat, hustle and bustle of Sihanoukville. The straw roofed bungalows sleep up to 3 people in each (some can take 4).

The bungalows have a night security guard and only 200m from Serendipity beach.

Tropical Garden

Dont just take our word for it… Look at the pictures or even in your Lonely Planet guidebook… We’re the one with “Our pick” next to our name… That name again….

Monkey Republic

People playing pool at Monkey Republic Bar Sihanoukville Cambodia

$6-10 Gets you…

  • A western toilet
  • Shower
  • A secure lock box (for all your trinkets)
  • Comfy beds
  • Hanging space
  • Shady balcony
  • Fan

We don’t do reservations

Here at Monkey Republic we don’t do room reservations… Why I hear you cry, well… There is a good reason for this;

We provide such a great service and atmosphere here that people end up staying a lot longer than they had initially planned. We don’t know when people are leaving so can’t plan for people arriving…

The best thing to do when you arrive in Sihanoukville is jump in a Tuk Tuk and ask for Monkey Republic. Most of the time there will be one of the Monkey bunch there when the bus arrives.

We DO do Dorm beds – $3

A recent addition to the marvel that is Monkey Republic is a new

Monkey Republic Sihanoukville - Dorm beds $3

10 bed dorm

Our dorm is cool, clean and secure – Every bed gets it’s own lockable cupboard plenty big enough for all your valuables.

They’re probably the best dorm beds in all of South East Asia so don’t be shy… Come and sleep with a bunch of strangers tonight

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