Food @ Monkey Republic | Sihanoukville, Cambodia

At Monkey Republic we’ve got a huge selection of gut-busting Western mains as well as plenty of traditional Khmer dishes, all freshly cooked, to high standard – for a LOW price.
Free WiFi
The restaurant at Monkey Republic is laid back and sociable during the day, free WiFi is available throughout, and as usual – there’s plenty of other backpackers and travellers to meet up with and enjoy Sihanoukville.

Food, kebabs @ Monkey Republic | Sihanoukville, Cambodia

All food at Monkey Republic is MSG free.

restaurant @ Monkey Republic Sihanoukville

We know what it’s like to be on the road for a long time, that’s why we have a few home comforts on the menu like:

Marmite, Vegimite & PG Tips…

Cheap food at Monkey Republic Sihanoukville Cambodia

Water Refils

To help cut down on the use of plastic bottles and packaging we offer water refills at the bar. Refilling a 1.5 litre bottle costs just 1,000 riels (25¢)… Just ask.

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